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Eurynome is an Okeanid, i.e. she is one of the three thousand daughters of Okeanos [Ocean] and Tethys.

Eurynome and Zeus are the parents of the three Graces: Euphrosyne, Aglaia and Thalia. The Graces are the attendants of Aphrodite [goddess of love] because they embody charm and beauty. Their names reflect their attributes: Aglaia [Splendor], Euphrosyne [Festivity], and Thalia [Rejoicing].

Eurynome and her consort Ophion were the first to occupy Mount Olympos but returned to the sea after they were forced off the mountain by the Titans, Kronos and Rheia.

Eurynome and the Nereid Thetis earned the eternal gratitude of the smith of the gods, Hephaistos, when they cared for him after he had been ejected from Mount Olympos. After a violent dispute with Hera, Zeus threw Hephaistos from Mount Olympos and he landed halfway across the Aegean Sea on the island of Lemnos. After finding the abandoned young god, Eurynome and Thetis cared for him but the terrible fall had injured Hephaistos's legs and left him permanently lame. The two goddesses nursed and raised Hephaistos in secret. They provided him with a cave where he could practice and perfect his craft until, after nine years, he returned to Mount Olympos to rejoin his mother and take his rightful place among the Olympians.

Eurynome in the Iliad

[from four different translations]

Richmond Lattimore

Loeb Classical Library

Robert Fagles

Robert Fitzgerald

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The Argonautika by Apollonius Rhodius

Description of Greece by Pausanias

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