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Images of Hera

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A Red-Figure squat lekythos with Hera nursing the infant Herakles.

Made in Apulia circa 360-350 BCE.

The British Museum



A statuette of Hera.

Made in Apulia circa 360-350 BCE.

The British Museum


Herakles and the snakes

Zeus and Hera hover above the drama as

Apollon [seated in the center] watches as the infant

Herakles wrestles with the snakes Hera put in his bed.

Herakles's brother Iphikles is trying to flee.

Hermes is on the left and Athene is on the right.

A Red-Figure calyx-krater circa 400 BCE.

The British Museum



Hera and Zeus

A close-up view of the preceding image.


Hera and Herakles

Hera and Herakles.

From a Campanian bell krater made circa 460 BCE.

The British Museum



The head of Hera from a marble statue, now lost.

Made circa 420 BCE.

The National Archeological Museum, Athens


Eris, Hermes, Paris, Athene, Hera, Aphrodite and Eros

A mosaic of the Judgment of Paris.

Eris [Discord] is in the top left, Hermes stands

behind Paris [Alexandros]; Athene, Hera [seated]

and Aphrodite await Paris's judgment as Eros hovers above.

Made circa 115-150 CE.

The Louvre Museum

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