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Rivers in the Iliad

Rivers in the Iliad

Sons of Okeanos and Tethys

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The Titans Okeanos [Ocean] and Tethys were very prolific. They fostered three thousand daughters and uncounted Rivers.

The Rivers hold dominion over the terrain they inhabit and are honored by sensible local inhabitants and prudent travelers.

There are at least twenty-nine rivers listed in the Iliad. Some of them were active players in the Trojan War, others were only mentioned.

Aisepos Acheloios Alpheios Axios Boagrios
Grenikos Heptaporos Hermos Hyllos Karesos
Maiandros Minyeios Okeanos Parthenios Peneios
Rhesos Rhodios Sangarios Satnioeis Simoeis
Skamandros Spercheios Styx Titaressos Xanthos [near Troy]
        Xanthos [in Lykia]

Rivers in the Iliad

The line numbers listed here correspond fairly well with the Richmond Lattimore, Peter Green, and Murray/Wyatt [Loeb Classical Library] translations of the Iliad. Other translations, such as Robert Fitzgerald, Robert Fagles, etc., do not correspond as well but, with a small amount of effort, you should be able to find the reference you need regardless of the translation you use.

Aisepos - Αισηποιο

Acheloios - Αχελωιος

Alpheios - Αλφειου

Asopos - Ασωπον

Axios - Αξιου

Boagrios - Βοαγριου

Grenikos - Γρηνικος

Heptaporos - ‘Επταπορος

Hermos - ‘Ερμο

Hyllos - ‘Υλλω

Karesos - Καρησος

Kephisos - Κηφισοιο

Maiandros - Μαιανδρου

Minyeios - Μινυηιος

Okeanos [Ocean] - Ωκεανω

Parthenios - Παρθενιον

Peneios - Πηνειον

Rhesos - ‘Ρασος

Rhodios - ‘Ροδιος

Sangarios - Σαγγαριον

Satnioeis - Σατνιοεντι

Simoeis - Σιμοεις

Skamandros - Σκαμανδριον

The Skamandros River near Troy; known to the Immortals as Xanthos.

Spercheios - Σπερχειον

Styx - Στυξ

Although Styx is an Okeanid, i.e. a daughter of Okeanos [Ocean] and Tethys, and not a River, she is often called The Oath River and for that reason she is included her here.

Titaressos - Τιταρησσον

Xanthos - Ξανθον

The Xanthos River near Troy; known to mortals as Skamandros.

Xanthos - Ξανθον

The Xanthos River in Lykia.

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