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The British Museum

March 2009
The British Museum is magnificent! Go to London! Go to the Museum! I spent the better part of six days at the museum and I still didn’t see all of the Greek antiquities. A visit to the British Museum is vital for the study of ancient Greece because it has thousands of artifacts from the various sites in Greece. Many of the photos I took at the museum are scattered throughout this website but I thought a general museum tour might be interesting.

British Museum

There it is!

The main entrance to the museum is on Great Russell Street … there’s a rear entrance on the opposite side of the building which will take you into the North American antiquities section of the museum. I found the rear entrance by mistake (I was lost) and it wasn’t until I came into the building that way that I truly grasped the sheer size of the museum … in the spirit of British understatement, I’ll just say that it’s quite large.
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