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Story of Oedipus

Epic Cycle

fragment 1

C.I.G. Ital. et Sic. 1292. ii. 11

... the Story of Oedipus by Kinaethon in six thousand six hundred verses.

fragment 2

Pausanius ix. 5.10

Judging by Homer I do not believe that Oedipus had children by Iokasta; his sons were born of Euryganeia as the writer of the Epic called the Story of Oedipus clearly shows.

fragment 3

Schol. on Eur. Phoen., 1750

The authors of the Story of Oedipus [say] of the Sphinx: "But furthermore [she killed] noble Haemon, the dear son of blameless Kreon, the comeliest and loveliest of boys."

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