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War of the Titans

Epic Cycle

fragment 1

Photius, Epitome of the Chrestomathy of Proclus

The Epic Cycle begins with the fabled union of Ouranos [Heaven] and Gaia [Earth], by which they make three hundred-handed sons and three Cyclopes to be born to him.

fragment 2

Anecdota Oxon. (Cramer) i. 75

According to the writer of the War of the Titans Ouranos [Heaven] was the son of Aither.

fragment 3

Schol on Ap. Rhod. Arg. i. 1165

Eumelus says that Aegaeon was the son of Gaia [Earth] and Pontos [Sea] and, having his dwelling in the sea, was an ally of the Titans.

fragment 4

Athenaeus, vii. 277 D

The poet of the War of the Titans, whether Eumelus of Corinth or Arktinus, writes thus in his second book: "Upon the shield were dumb fish afloat, with golden faces, swimming and sporting through the heavenly water."

fragment 5

Athenaeus, i. 22 C

Eumelus somewhere introduces Zeus dancing; he says—"In the midst of them danced the Father of men and gods."

fragment 6

Schol. on Ap. Rhod. Arg. i. 554

The author of the War of the Giants says that Kronos took the shape of a horse and lay with Philyra, the daughter of Okeanos [Ocean]. Through this cause Cheiron was born a Centaur; his wife was Chariklo.

fragment 7

Athenaeus, xi. 470 B

Theolytus says that he [Herakles] sailed across the sea in a cauldron; but the first to give this story is the author of the War of the Titans.

fragment 8

Philodemus, On Piety

The author of the War of the Titans says that the apples [of the Hesperides] were guarded.

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