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Doubtful Fragments


fragment 1

Galen, de plac. Hipp. et Plat. i. 266

"And then it was Zeus took away sense from the heart of Athamas."

fragment 2

Schol. on Homer, Od. vii. 104

"They grind the yellow grain at the mill."

fragment 3

Schol. on Pindar, Nem. ii. 1

"Then first in Delos did I and Homer, singers both, raise our strain—stitching song in new hymns—Phoibos Apollon with the golden sword, whom Leto bare."

fragment 4

Julian, Misopogon, p. 369 B

"But starvation on a handful is a cruel thing."

fragment 5

Servius on Vergil, Aen. iv. 484

Hesiod says that these Hesperides ... daughters of Nyx [Night], guarded the golden apples beyond Okeanos [Ocean]

"Aegle and Erytheis and ox-eyed Hespere [Hesperethusa]."

fragment 6

Plato, Republic, iii. 390 E

"Gifts move the gods, gifts move worshipful princes."

fragment 7

Clement of Alexandria, Strom. v. p. 256

"On the seventh day again the bright light of the sun ..."

fragment 8

Apollonius, Lex. Hom.

"He brought pure water and mixed it with Okeanos's [Ocean's] streams."

fragment 9

Stephanus of Byzantium

"Aspledon and Klymenos and god-like Amphidokos," sons of Orchomenos.

fragment 10

Schol. on Pindar, Nem. iii. 64

"Telamon never sated with battle first brought light to our comrades by slaying blameless Melanippe, destroyer of men, own sister of the golden-girdled queen."

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