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The Marriage of Keyx


fragment 1

Scholiast on Apollonius Rhodius, Arg. i. 128

Hesiod in the Marriage of Keyx says that he [Herakles] landed [from the Argo] to look for water and was left behind in Magnesia near the place called Aphetae [without friends] because of his desertion there.

fragment 2

Zenobius, ii. 19

Hesiod used the proverb in the following way; Herakles is represented as having constantly visited the house of Keyx of Trachis and spoken thus:

"Of their own selves the good make for the feasts of good."

fragment 3

Scholiast on Homer, Il. xiv. 119

"And horse-driving Keyx beholding ..."

fragment 4

Athenaeus, ii. p. 49b

Hesiod in the Marriage of Keyx—for though grammar-school boys alienate it from the poet, yet I consider the poem ancient—calls the tables tripods.

fragment 5

Gregory of Corinth, On Forms of Speech (Rhett. Gr. vii. 776)

"But when they had done with desire for the equal-shared feast, even then they brought from the forest the mother of a mother [sc. wood], dry and parched, to be slain by her own children" [sc. to be burnt in the flames].

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