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The Immortals, Gods, Goddesses, Heroines and Heroes
The Immortals
Achilles Aphrodite Apollon
Demi-God and Warrior Goddess of Love The son of Zeus and Leto
Ares Artemis Athene
God of War Goddess of the Hunt Goddess of Wisdom
Cheiron Demeter Dione
The Noble Centaur Goddess of the Harvest The Mother Goddess
Dionysos Enyo Eos
Bacchus, God of Wine One of the Gray Sisters Goddess of the Dawn
Erida Erinys Eris
Goddess of Hate Punisher of the Unfaithful Goddess of Discord
Eros Eurynome Fates
The Primal God of Love Mother of the Graces Klotho, Lachesis and Atropos
Gaia The Graces Hades
Goddess of the Earth Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia Lord of the Dead
Hebe Hekate Helen
Goddess of Youth The Roaring Goddess Helen of Troy
Helios Hephaistos Hera
The Sun Artificer of the Olympians Queen of the Immortals
Herakles Hermes Histia
Hero of Heroes Herald of the Immortals Goddess of the Hearth
The Hours Hyperion Hypnos
Eunomia, Dyke and Eirene Father of the Sun The God of Sleep
Io Iris Jason
The Heifer-Maiden Goddess of the Rainbow The Quest for the Golden Fleece
Kalypso Kirke (Circe) Kronos
The Queenly Nymph The Dread Goddess Father of the Olympians
Leto Medusa The Muses
Mother of Apollon and Artemis The Mortal Gorgon Goddesses of the Creative Arts
The Nereids Nymphs Odysseus
The Daughters of Nereus The Goddesses of Nature Hero and Wanderer
Ouranos Pan Persephone
The Heavens The Goat-God The Wife of Hades
Poseidon Prometheus Rheia
Lord of the Sea The Rebel God Mother of the Olympians
Rivers Skylla Styx
River Gods in The Iliad The Beast With Six Heads The Oath River
Thanatos Theseus Thetis
God of Death The Athenian Hero Mother of Achilles
The Winds   Zeus
Children of Eos [Dawn]   The Father of Gods and Men
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